The Details (2011) Stream german

The Details (2011)
The Details (2011)
Filmtitel: The Details
Jahr: 2011
Regie: Jacob Aaron Estes
Writer by: Jacob Aaron Estes
Beginn: Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Banks and Laura Linney
Genre: Comedy
Laufzeit: 91 min

Land: USA
Sprache: German
Erscheinungsdatum: 2 November 2012 (USA)
Auch bekannt als: Detalji
Film Locations: Kirkland, Washington, USA

Movie Overview:
Whenever a group of raccoons uncover earthworms residing beneath the grass within Jeff and Nealy's yard, this particular problem with pests starts the darkly comedian as well as crazy string result of household pressure, infidelity as well as homicide.

Trailer The Details (2011)

The Details will go locations exactly where the majority of movies nowadays care not really endeavor. It is a dark comedy however it doesn't trouble in order to perform view gags from the repulsive.
It is a black comedy however it's not scared being all of a sudden spectacular.
This attacks me personally like a usually fearless film, not really scared to cope with the actual night as well as ridiculousness associated with man sexuality (Tobey Maguire performs the actual the main amiable loser-internet porno lover-sexual deviant extremely nicely), not really scared to permit it's figures expressing a type of cartoonish strength that edges upon surreal sometimes, neither could it be scared to permit it's figures in order to uncover heavy human being insecurities.
The actual filmmaker appears to be thinking about continuously displaying a person various attributes associated with their figures as well as their tale, as though it had been the cubist/surrealist dream/nightmare--his figures possess several encounters, their story can be viewed amusing or even darkish as well as unnerving or even, fairly sweet.
While numerous movies launched nowadays tend to be officially enthusiastic about fitted right into a style, this particular film appears unconcerned within sticking with official film tropes-- it's at the same time the amusing humor in regards to a guy enthusiastic about freeing their backyard associated with raccoons, regarding relationship as well as foolish things-- after that -- deftly-- the actual target audience discovers by itself slipping in to a good ridiculous world associated with homicide as well as night as well as unpleasant fun.

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