Trailer Touchback (2012)

Former high school football celebrity switched player as well as loved ones guy, Scott Murphy (Brian Presley) discovers themself having a distinctive chance to review their beauty times throughout the Ohio State championship game exactly where he or she completely hurt their leg inside a game-winning perform. Provided another chance from their future, Scott looks for lawyer through Coach Hand (Kurt Russell), Scott's longtime mentor off and on the actual area, to assist him or her choose regardless of whether in order to allow their destiny occur, or even adhere to the route which will alter their long term.

Genre(s) : Drama
Run Time : 118min.
Theatrical Release Date : 04/13/2012
Status : In Theaters
Distributor(s) : Anchor Bay Films
Director(s) : Don Handfield
Starring : Kurt Russell , Brian Presley , Mark Ellis , Melanie Lynskey , Christine Lahti
Themes : Football Players,Coaches and Players
Keywords : coach,dream,football,opportunity
Language : German



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